The DGK Team

Commercial Lines
  Back Row Left to Right
  Dale J. Baumes  Producer  Ext 253
  Bridget A. White  Producer  Ext 226
  Heather M. Percival  Producer  Ext 235
  Michael J. O'Connor  Customer Service Agent  Ext 236
  Becky Watkins  Customer Service Agent  Ext 241
  James B. Davis  Producer  Ext 230
  W. Jeffrey Kyle  VP Of Marketing  Ext 224
  Front Row Left to Right
  Beth D. O'Malley  Producer  Ext 232
  Mary C. Major  Customer Service Agent  Ext 254
  Ronda L. Macedonio  Customer Service Leader  Ext 249

  Marcee A. Kneisel  Director of Marketing  Ext 221
  W. Jeffrey Kyle  VP Of Marketing  Ext 224

Personal Lines
  Deborah Mulrooney  Customer Service Agent  Ext 233
  Robert Thomas  Customer Service Agent  Ext 246
  Sean Pieretti  Producer  Ext 234

Financial Services
  Stephanie L. Holdt  National SS Advisor Medicare & Health  Ext 229
  Denise Maleski  Financial Services Assistant  Ext 239
  Richard S. Doeringer  Financial Services Representative  Ext 223

 Front Row
  Christine Ramage  Accounting Administrator  Ext 240
  Marie Stahlman  HR/Operations Manager  Ext 222
  Back Row
  Kathleen M. Glattly  President  Ext 228
  Theresa Blount-Wilcox  Receptionist  Ext 0