Recreational Insurance 101

April 29, 2024

It is that time of year. It is time for those who own boats, RVs, and ATVs to take off the covers and get their warmer weather recreational vehicles out of storage. Campgrounds are opening for the season, lake days are coming, and it’s the perfect weather to explore some trails. So, as you start to get your recreational vehicles ready for the fun, consider the following:


You are setting up your camper when you suddenly find that some animals have made a home out of it over the winter. Unfortunately, they wreaked havoc on your camper, and the damage looks expensive.

You are getting your boat all prepped for a day on the lake when the engine catches fire and causes a ton of damage to your watercraft. However, the damage wasn’t just to your boat. It also affected the boat next to yours. Now what?

Recreational Insurance could cover both situations.

Recreational Insurance?

Recreational Insurance protects if you cause injuries or damage to others and protects the recreational vehicle itself. *

There are several types of Recreational Insurance you can get. These include:

  • RV Insurance
  • ATV Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance

These coverages vary because they cover different types of recreational vehicles, but for the most part, you will find the following in all of them*:

Bodily Injury Liability. It covers costs when you injure someone, including their medical bills and loss of income.

Property Damage Liability. It covers costs associated with the damage you cause to another person’s vehicle or property.

Collision. Covers costs associated with damage to your vehicle when your vehicle collides with another car or object.

Comprehensive. It covers costs associated with non-collision damage to your vehicle. This can often include vandalism, theft, falling objects, fire, storms, animal collisions, etc.

Medical Payments. It covers costs associated with your medical expenses if you become injured in a recreational vehicle accident.

When it comes to recreational vehicles of all shapes and sizes, you want to be sure they are adequately protected. So, look no further in your search for the right Recreational Insurance. Instead, call us at 844-GANNONS and get the conversation started today!

*Coverages are dependent on the options you choose and the availability offered by your carrier. Speak with your agent to learn more about your specific coverages.