Stacey  Donahue

Stacey Donahue

Customer Service Representative

Stacey joined the DGK team in 2022. Prior to coming onboard, Stacey worked at Keystone College for close to 20 years. She began her career at Keystone College as an Art Department Coordinator and moved up to Administrative Specialist to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to her duties to the Dean, she taught Photography, and First Year Student Seminar. She held numerous offices for administrative counsel while at Keystone College.                                                                                                

Stacey is a graduate of Temple University and Keystone College. Where she earned a bachelor’s degree and an Associate Degree. She is also a Licensed C.N.A. and has also worked as an E.M.T. for Hop Bottom and Justus Fire Companies. 

Her passions are photography and gardening. She is currently working on her father’s photography from his time spent in Vietnam. Which will be a long endeavor to finish, and a most enjoyable one.

Stacey resides at Lake Sheridan, Nicholson, PA with her family, Chris, son Cody, and her two dogs.